Every time I wanted to enter into the Grace Building, NYC, at 42nd St and 6th Ave, I was compelled to sign in.

    I had to show my ID Card and got photographed. The whole process is supposed the general safety. With regards to my individual safety, this process made me feel like a criminal. I was forced to be photographed, which is violence through photography. The image and my profile got saved through this system of control.

    There was no way to escape from this registering otherwise I had no chance to enter the building for work.

    The camera stared and stared.

    After enduring this process over and over again, I have decided to stare back into the appartus and “employed” the security guard as my assistant for doing self-portraits of me of creating ID-pictures instead. At some point I started disguising myself with wigs, sunglasses, scarfs or even with a moustache. The security guard let me in – every time.

    The information of the images are not pixels but dots as a result of low technology.

    The grey scale works at the edge of the contrast: either black or white.

    The images are shown together in a frame for specimen collections. These frames can be closed with resin for ever. Unlike the images which live in the internet forever as pixels the images in the specimen box will age through light and temperature. The intended slow death of these images are my resistance of the violence against me while I got forced to be photographed.